Nuuk Cargo, these vehicles have been designed to meet the needs of both individuals and professionals (Cargo line).

The entire range will feature BOSCH Drive Train electric motor, unique in its range, in its version of 4 kW of power and the impressive version of 8.5 kW.

But Nuuk is not just power: it is also stability, security and autonomy.

Stability thanks to the perfect balance and weight distribution provided by the Central Installation Engine (ESM, Electric excited Synchronous Motor), unique in its range, as well as the comfortable cushioning of its inverted fork and its 17-inch wheels. The braking system, together with the grip of the tires, both from first brands, will provide the perfect control regardless of the condition of the course.

The vehicles (weighing 115 to 130 kg) will be equipped with up to four 50 A batteries, providing therefore a unique autonomy in its range, exceeding 300 km of autonomy. With RIEJU NUUK you can travel twice as far before charging, which has two options: normal charging and fast charging (QuickMode).

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